PAP 91: Business During Coronavirus – Behind the Scenes at Primal Alternative

A behind the scenes series of interviews and Q&A with some of the micro bakers that make up Primal Alternative. With some cafes, shops and Farmers Markets closing down due to Coronavirus – how have our inspired grain-free producers coped? Have they been able to continue their home-based businesses? Are people still interested in healthy… Continue reading PAP 91: Business During Coronavirus – Behind the Scenes at Primal Alternative

AQJ 155: Quarantine Cuisine, with Jo and Fouad

Join Jo and Fouad for a lighthearted chat about food, family, and life during lockdown! They discuss ‘quarantine cuisine’, what they’re cooking, how they’re coping, and ways they are finding the positives in the current situation. Jo and Fouad answer readers questions about: how to make do with what you’ve got in the fridge, freezer… Continue reading AQJ 155: Quarantine Cuisine, with Jo and Fouad

TNN 99: Covid-19

First of all, I am thinking of all of you! Hope you are safe and well. We will get through this together. I wanted to jump in and share my thoughts on the current pandemic and offer support and assistance as much as I can. I sent this information out in my newsletter to my… Continue reading TNN 99: Covid-19

WWR 168: We’re Not Made for Social Isolating

Social isolating or social distancing should not equal emotional distancing! In fact, there is strong evidence linking perceived social isolation and adverse health consequences including lowered immunity! So in this time when the world has changed so dramatically and social distancing is necessary The Wellness Women give you lots of strategies to feel connected with… Continue reading WWR 168: We’re Not Made for Social Isolating

TWIW 55: How to track a pandemic

This Week In Wellness whilst the media is reporting the seemingly exponential growth of Coronavirus worldwide some are suggesting that the spread of the disease may be plotting a different path. It is common in the media to show linear graphs of the Coronavirus that show seemingly exponential growth and this growth has been extrapolated… Continue reading TWIW 55: How to track a pandemic

NTM 248: Parenting through Coronavirus

We are all experiencing immense change and uncertainty as the COVID-19 pandemic grows and many families are thrust together in the home, amplifying opportunity for both connection, and conflict. How we get through this time with our children will leave a lasting impression on them – when life gives you lemons can you make lemonade? In this… Continue reading NTM 248: Parenting through Coronavirus

WWR 167: Signs of Stress That You’re Ignoring (and how to survive it)

Ladies, this is a survival podcast episode! This is a very stressful time in our history and we all have different coping mechanisms. On this episode of Wellness Women Radio Dr Andrea & Dr Ashleigh are giving you all the signs and symptoms of stress that you may be ignoring (or not realising it’s stress… Continue reading WWR 167: Signs of Stress That You’re Ignoring (and how to survive it)

WWR 166: Coronavirus COVID-19

WE’RE BACK! After the longest hiatus we’ve had from recording we’re back behind the mic and we missed you all terribly. Unfortunately we’ve come back to an almost different, apocalyptic type world with the news that Coronavirus COVID-19 has been classified as a pandemic by the, World Health Organisation, and the fear and panic around… Continue reading WWR 166: Coronavirus COVID-19

TWIW 53: Preventing Coronavirus

This Week In Wellness the World Health Organisation WHO has officially declared the Coronavirus COVID-19 a pandemic as action is taken all over the world to halt it’s spread including America shutting its borders to the EU, the NBA cancelling the rest of its basketball season and the Australian Government advising against “non-essential” gatherings of… Continue reading TWIW 53: Preventing Coronavirus

100NO 363: Coronavirus Clarity

Much has been said about the coronavirus. On this episode, Damian Kristof shares his professional views publicly for the first time and provides clarity on the virus itself. Marcus has a dig at the media coverage of the virus and humanity’s subsequent panic merchant behaviour. Whilst bringing some (what we think) much-needed humour in to… Continue reading 100NO 363: Coronavirus Clarity