TWIW 64: Tummy time leads to better development

This Week In Wellness Australian researchers have shown that infant tummy time is associated with improved development, healthier weight babies and improved head shape. It was also linked with improved social and cognitive function as well as walking.

TWIW 53: Preventing Coronavirus

This Week In Wellness the World Health Organisation WHO has officially declared the Coronavirus COVID-19 a pandemic as action is taken all over the world to halt it’s spread including America shutting its borders to the EU, the NBA cancelling the rest of its basketball season and the Australian Government advising against “non-essential” gatherings of… Continue reading TWIW 53: Preventing Coronavirus

SE 6: Get Moving!

On this week’s episode, our podcasters, Nicola, Toby and Erica chat about what it means to GET MOVING and how young people can incorporate it into their daily lives. Nicola shares the downsides to being sedentary and Erica questions why it’s even necessary! Toby loves the water and swims, surfs and spends as much time… Continue reading SE 6: Get Moving!

BQS 75: Move and Align

The move has happened and Align is about to launch!!! In today’s episode Dr M shares the finale of her moving series of episodes… and the ultimate control is letting go of control… Dr M shares how excited she is that her new book “Align- Be the Queen of Your Stress” is now available to… Continue reading BQS 75: Move and Align

HBH 18: Ditch Homework For More Play

Do our kids actually need homework? Is it really doing them any favours? Today we are talking to a fabulous teacher who’s based down in Adelaide and she’s not afraid to speak up when it comes to ditching homework and replacing it with more time to relax, connect, move and play. Clare Crew is an… Continue reading HBH 18: Ditch Homework For More Play

WAY 60: Wendy’s Wellness Summit Wrap Up

Welcome to Episode 60 of my Podcast.  I bring you my Wellness Summit Wrap Up and share my presentation from The Wellness Summit with you.  It was such an inspiring weekend.  I hope you enjoy this Episode. Love Wendy