TWIW 120: Anti-anxiety drug usage soars by 31%

This Week In Wellness the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners has reported that prescription rates of anxiety and depression medication have risen dramatically in recent months amidst the ongoing uncertainty created by the Government’s response to Corona virus.

TWIW 78: Oxford Corona vaccine trials paused

This Week In Wellness phase 3 trials of a coronavirus vaccine being developed by AstraZeneca in conjunction with Oxford University have been suspended after an “unexplained illness”. The potential vaccine, which Australia has already secured 33.8 million doses of, has had it’s trials paused in order to allow for a review by an independent committee.… Continue reading TWIW 78: Oxford Corona vaccine trials paused

TWIW 63: Social media giants increase censorship

This Week In Wellness social media giants Facebook and Youtube have increased their efforts to censor and “deplatform” debate around Covid19 lockdowns from lay people, scientists and experts alike whilst Twitter has maintained a more open approach and more and more people are flocking to MeWe, founded by entrepreneur and privacy advocate Mark Weinstein.

TWIW 53: Preventing Coronavirus

This Week In Wellness the World Health Organisation WHO has officially declared the Coronavirus COVID-19 a pandemic as action is taken all over the world to halt it’s spread including America shutting its borders to the EU, the NBA cancelling the rest of its basketball season and the Australian Government advising against “non-essential” gatherings of… Continue reading TWIW 53: Preventing Coronavirus