WWR 242: Do’s and don’ts with Coffee

This is Dr Andrea’s second favourite thing in the world (after dogs of course) and that is COFFEE! It’s our all-time favourite drug of choice and has so many numerous health benefits BUT there are times when caffeine should be a no go and there are strict rules around when and how much will benefit… Continue reading WWR 242: Do’s and don’ts with Coffee

WWR 241: Andropause

Have you wondered what the signs are of men aging? Do they go through a similar transition to menopause? The answer is absolutely, yes. Let us introduce you to Andropause, a distinct but more subtle phase for men that typically starts around 40 years old with a slow and gradual decline in testosterone. These changes… Continue reading WWR 241: Andropause

TWIW 202: PCB’s linked to ADHD

This Week In Wellness oestrogen mimicking polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) have been shown to pass down through the generations contributing to a variety of neuroendocrine, metabolic and reproductive problems in the grandchildren of those exposed. https://www.news-medical.net/news/20230615/Adverse-cognitive-effects-linked-to-endocrine-disrupting-chemicals-may-pass-down-through-generations.aspx https://www.sahealth.sa.gov.au/wps/wcm/connect/public+content/sa+health+internet/conditions/chemicals+and+contaminants/polychlorinated+biphenyls+pcbs

WWR 240: Dopamine Hacks

We’re sure you’ve all heard the term dopamine lately? It’s the neurotransmitter made by the body that’s often associated with pleasure and reward. ‘Hacking’ dopamine is now the newest trend in the longevity and health worlds and for good reason. Dopamine is so much more than just a feel good neurotransmitter, it plays a crucial… Continue reading WWR 240: Dopamine Hacks

WWR 239: Perimenopause Weight Gain

Putting on weight as we age is not inevitable! The ‘middle age spread’ that we all assume will happen when our hormones change can be prevented – what good news! The body is so intelligent and works hard to ensure there is always homeostasis, including hormone balance. Tune into this episode of wellness women radio… Continue reading WWR 239: Perimenopause Weight Gain

WWR 238: Pregnancy Microbiome

Dr Andrea & Dr Ashleigh are joined by Naomi Strout from the University of NSW to talk about her current research project! Naomi is the Project Manager for UNSW Microbiome Research Centre’s MothersBabies Study, a world-first pre-pregnancy study looking to uncover how a person’s microbiome changes from pre-pregnancy, throughout pregnancy, up until the baby’s first… Continue reading WWR 238: Pregnancy Microbiome

WWR 237: Period Pain

Did you know that period pain is not normal? This episode of Wellness Women Radio delves into all things period pain! Tune in to hear Dr Andrea & Dr Ashleigh’s top tips on managing uncomplicated period pain. Don’t forget to follow us on social media: www.facebook.com/thewellnesswomen @thewellnesswomenofficial www.facebook.com/theperiodwhisperer @drandrea.xo www.facebook.com/drashleighbond @drashleighbond Wellness Women Radio is… Continue reading WWR 237: Period Pain

100NO 519: Arthritis is not a normal part of ageing

Around 20% of the population live with or are impacted by arthritis. What is it, why does it occur and how do we go about improving the health of our joints? There are hundreds of arthritides (forms of arthritis), and today we focus on osteoarthritis (the most common form of arthritis). From “wear and tear”… Continue reading 100NO 519: Arthritis is not a normal part of ageing

SLP 259: Self Love Quicky – Reducing Your Toxic Load

There are many toxic compounds in our environment many of which we do not have control over the exposure, but there are many we can control. Remembering our organs of detoxification and elimination can struggle to keep up with burden we place on it. So, in this week’s Quicky, we look at some simple and… Continue reading SLP 259: Self Love Quicky – Reducing Your Toxic Load

SLP 258: Turning Point Moments with Juliet Lever & Paul Eliseo – Part 1

Juliet Lever & Paul Eliseo are the co-founders of Evolve & Relaunch Education. These two extraordinary souls share their personal journeys of challenge, self-discovery and transformation, which ultimately lead them to finding one another. In part one of this two part interview we discover how they each removed themselves from the corporate matrix and we… Continue reading SLP 258: Turning Point Moments with Juliet Lever & Paul Eliseo – Part 1