TWIW 53: Preventing Coronavirus

This Week In Wellness the World Health Organisation WHO has officially declared the Coronavirus COVID-19 a pandemic as action is taken all over the world to halt it’s spread including America shutting its borders to the EU, the NBA cancelling the rest of its basketball season and the Australian Government advising against “non-essential” gatherings of… Continue reading TWIW 53: Preventing Coronavirus

TWG 384: Eat LANCET part 2

Following on from last week and as promised this week Brett and Damian delve a little deeper into the science and funding behind the EAT Lancet diet. Having had an extra week to really get stuck in and research it the boys give their unfiltered opinions about both the recommendations and the way that they… Continue reading TWG 384: Eat LANCET part 2

TWG 383: EAT Lancet Planetary Health Diet Part 1

This week Damian and Brett delve into a hot topic around the world at the moment the recently released EAT Lancet Planetary Health Diet. This report has been put together by 37 experts from 16 different countries and claims that global uptake would lead to a reduction of 11 million adult deaths annually. Amongst the… Continue reading TWG 383: EAT Lancet Planetary Health Diet Part 1