Show Notes

A behind the scenes series of interviews and Q&A with some of the micro bakers that make up Primal Alternative. With some cafes, shops and Farmers Markets closing down due to Coronavirus – how have our inspired grain-free producers coped? Have they been able to continue their home-based businesses? Are people still interested in healthy alternatives with so much else going on? Tune in for a candid, not rehearsed interview. Questions asked in the Q&A from potential Primalistas considering joining Primal Alternative.

Valuable listening if you are navigating a business during the global pandemic and looking for inspiration or if you are considering becoming a Primal Alternative Producer yourself.

Featuring Primal Alternative Primalistas Veronica Edwards, Tania Carcenac, Char Cassie, Sandra Klippel, Tara Aitkens, Clare Cadd, Amanda Prentice and Primal Alternative Founder Helen Marshall. Connect with our Primalistas here:

In the pic: Primalista Terri and Health Coach Tracey McBeath.

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