TWIW 217: Triglycerides lower risk of dementia by 18%

This Week In Wellness high levels of triglycerides, a type of fat, long demonised for their potential role in heart disease and stroke, may contribute to a lower risk of dementia and a slower cognitive decline over time compared to people who have lower levels.

TWIW 209: Your brain knows your immunity levels

This Week In Wellness peoples self assessments of their own bodies potential to fight off a pathogen was compared with the actual levels of antibodies in their blood for that same pathogen and the results were surprisingly accurate.

TWIW 204: Sleep reduces brain benefits of exercise

This Week In Wellness research has suggested that middle-aged men not getting enough sleep won’t get the protective benefits of exercise, when it comes to their brains.

WWR 240: Dopamine Hacks

We’re sure you’ve all heard the term dopamine lately? It’s the neurotransmitter made by the body that’s often associated with pleasure and reward. ‘Hacking’ dopamine is now the newest trend in the longevity and health worlds and for good reason. Dopamine is so much more than just a feel good neurotransmitter, it plays a crucial… Continue reading WWR 240: Dopamine Hacks

TWIW 167: Your brain is checking your skin-folds

This Week In Wellness a study in Nature has shown that your brain actively surveys your fat cells to determine fat levels and down-regulate brown fat production and fat burning when it deems fat levels too be low.

TWIW 160: Poor posture linked to cognitive decline

This Week In Wellness a study published in Nature that looked at over 400 elderly Japanese men and women, has suggested that spinal posture assessments may be a useful tool for detecting cognitive decline in older populations.

TWIW 157: Social isolation linked to dementia

And this week I have a favour to ask. If you like this show and would like more people to be exposed to this kind of wellness research I would LOVE it if you could hit pause now and head to iTunes to leave me a 5 star review. Now onto the news… And This… Continue reading TWIW 157: Social isolation linked to dementia

TWIW 132: Meat consumption leads to better mental health

This Week In Wellness a large meta-analysis published in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition show that meat abstention, in other words, vegetarianism or veganism is “clearly associated with poorer mental health, specifically higher levels of both depression and anxiety”, whilst meat consumption is associated with “lower levels of depression and anxiety”.

TWIW 126: Clean air matters for brain health

This Week In Wellness breathing in clean air has been shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Tint particulate matter released by cars and factories known as PM2.5 has previously been linked to memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease due to the capacity of the tiny particles to pass directly up into the… Continue reading TWIW 126: Clean air matters for brain health

TWIW 113: Fruit and veg in pregnancy reduces developmental delays

This Week In Wellness a three-generation cohort study has shown that high fruit and vegetable consumption during pregnancy is associated with a lower risk of developmental delays in the resultant children at age 2.