TWIW 136: DHA may help prevent autism and schizophrenia

This episode is brought to you by my Exercising Resilience mentoring program. For the first time this year Exercising Resilience is open to new members. Head to to get personally mentored by me for free for the first month. This Week In Wellness getting enough DHA during pregnancy may help prevent maternal stress on… Continue reading TWIW 136: DHA may help prevent autism and schizophrenia

TWIW 132: Meat consumption leads to better mental health

This Week In Wellness a large meta-analysis published in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition show that meat abstention, in other words, vegetarianism or veganism is “clearly associated with poorer mental health, specifically higher levels of both depression and anxiety”, whilst meat consumption is associated with “lower levels of depression and anxiety”.

TWG 321: Omega 3 In Depth

This week Damian and Brett chat with pharmacist Gerald Quigley for an in-depth look at the facts around Omega 3 supplementation. Why do we need to supplement? Who needs to supplement? Which is are best, fish oil or krill oil? What about vegetarian sources? These questions and more are all answered in this very informative,… Continue reading TWG 321: Omega 3 In Depth