TWIW 221: Meat may prevent cancer

This Week In Wellness eating red meat and dairy could help to fight cancer according to a new study published in Nature.

TWIW 179: Is “protein hunger” driving obesity

This Week In Wellness a new study looking at almost 10,000 Australians has suggested that so called “protein hunger” driven by increased consumption of overly processed and refined foods may play a key role in over-eating and obesity.,body’s%20strong%20appetite%20for%20protein.

TWIW 163: Wild Bison released to tackle climate change in UK

This Week In Wellness as the UK experiences some of its hottest weather on record, two leading conservation charities are releasing bison back into the wild for the first time in thousands of years in a bit to help tackle the climate crisis.

TWIW 152: Antibiotic resistant meat in Australian supermarkets

This Week In Wellness a study conducted by World Animal Protection (formerly the World Society for The Protection of Animals) has shown that over half of all beef and over ⅓ of all salmon in Australian supermarkets harboured resistance to a range of antibiotics.

TWIW 143: Eating meat extends lifespan

This Week In Wellness a landmark Adelaide Uni study has shown that meat consumption leads to increased life expectancy despite what they describe as “research that has thrown a negative spotlight on meat consumption in the human diet,”

TWIW 136: DHA may help prevent autism and schizophrenia

This episode is brought to you by my Exercising Resilience mentoring program. For the first time this year Exercising Resilience is open to new members. Head to to get personally mentored by me for free for the first month. This Week In Wellness getting enough DHA during pregnancy may help prevent maternal stress on… Continue reading TWIW 136: DHA may help prevent autism and schizophrenia

TWIW 132: Meat consumption leads to better mental health

This Week In Wellness a large meta-analysis published in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition show that meat abstention, in other words, vegetarianism or veganism is “clearly associated with poorer mental health, specifically higher levels of both depression and anxiety”, whilst meat consumption is associated with “lower levels of depression and anxiety”.

TWIW 130: Zinc shortens respiratory tract infections

This Week In Wellness Australian researchers published in the BMJ Open have confirmed that zinc can help shorten respiratory tract infections including colds, flus, sinusitis and pneumonia whilst suggesting that many over the counter cold remedies only offer “marginal benefits”.

TWIW 115: Fake meat and meat are not nutritionally equivalent

This Week In Wellness researchers from Duke University have taken a deep dive into the metabolomics of meat and so called “near meat” showing that not surprisingly they are as different as plants and animals.

TWIW 49: Cooking oils lead to increased obesity in hunter gatherers

This Week In Wellness a Bolivian hunter gatherer tribe famous for its impeccable heart health has seen an increase in their levels in recent years as their levels of cooking oil intake have gone up. The Tsimane’ isolated population have traditionally eaten a whole food omnivorous diet including lean meats, fish, fruits and vegetables and… Continue reading TWIW 49: Cooking oils lead to increased obesity in hunter gatherers