TWIW 144: Glucose or Fructose?

This Week In Wellness a systematic review examining the replacement of glucose and sucrose with fructose in foods and drinks has failed to show the harmful effects of Fructose previously suggested and may even suggest some benefit to fructose consumption.

TWIW 113: Fruit and veg in pregnancy reduces developmental delays

This Week In Wellness a three-generation cohort study has shown that high fruit and vegetable consumption during pregnancy is associated with a lower risk of developmental delays in the resultant children at age 2.

TWIW 45: Insect damage makes fruit healthier

This Week In Wellness research has found that “wounds” caused by insects may actually make fruit healthier for human consumption showing that the stress response mounted by the fruit actually increases the levels of anti-oxidants. Principle investigator of the study Luis Cisneros-Zevallos, Ph.D.,said that “There was the existing idea proposed by others that insects present… Continue reading TWIW 45: Insect damage makes fruit healthier