TWIW 202: PCB’s linked to ADHD

This Week In Wellness oestrogen mimicking polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) have been shown to pass down through the generations contributing to a variety of neuroendocrine, metabolic and reproductive problems in the grandchildren of those exposed.

TWIW 61: Germany to ban Glyphosate

This Week In Wellness Germany has moved to ban the use of the herbicide Glyphosate from 2023 and phase out its use from 2020 as Adelaide council Marion moves to join other Australian councils in phasing out its use. Several legal challenges by over 50,000 Americans against the manufacturers of Glyphosate (ag and pharmaceutical company… Continue reading TWIW 61: Germany to ban Glyphosate

TWIW 3: Monsanto sued for $80 Million

This Week In Wellness a federal jury in San Francisco has found that Glyphosate, and in particular Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup, was a substantial factor in causing Edwin Hardeman’s Non-Hodkins Lymphoma ( a cancer that affects the immune system). Jurors in the case awarded Mt Hardeman 80 Million dollars in damages amid accusations that they hid the carcinogenic… Continue reading TWIW 3: Monsanto sued for $80 Million