TNN 95: Dr Andrea “The Sperm Whisperer”

Dr Andrea Huddleston joins me on the podcast to talk all things SPERM and fertility. I have done many podcasts about women’s fertility and menstruation thus far, it’s about time we spoke about the penis-holding humans out there! I was struck by this fact on Andrea’s podcast and decided we NEEDED to discuss this on… Continue reading TNN 95: Dr Andrea “The Sperm Whisperer”

TNN 73: Wellness Fertility with Tasha Jennings

On this episode, Mel talks to fellow naturopath, podcaster and author Tasha Jennings. Tasha’s has a great website Conceive Baby, which focuses on helping couples healthfully conceive, overcome fertility issues and supporting women through IVF. She shares her journey with fertility issues and how this now fuels her work. Tasha is passionate about educating people… Continue reading TNN 73: Wellness Fertility with Tasha Jennings

TNN 65: Morning Sickness

Morning sickness affects up to 85% of pregnant women, so what can you do about it? Special guest Nikki Warren from Naturobest is back on the show for the third time to talk all about what morning sickness is, why do we get it and how to deal with it, naturally of course. Join us… Continue reading TNN 65: Morning Sickness

TNN 61: Speech Pathology & Tongue Ties

Special guest Val Gent from Let’s Eat Paediatric Speech Pathology joins me on the show today to talk about how speech pathology works and specifically discuss tongue ties and how this affects children. Val decided to move into paediatric speech pathology when she was moved by a baby she encountered on her university practicum, and… Continue reading TNN 61: Speech Pathology & Tongue Ties

AQJ 126: Q&A with Jo & Foo

Calorie restriction, colitis, leaky gut, nourishment in time of stress, weight gain, weight loss, kids that don’t eat vegetables – these and much more are on today’s agenda. Jo and Foo take questions from listeners for a session of ‘Ask Us Anything’. Join us for another information packed episode of A Quirky Journey! Useful Links:… Continue reading AQJ 126: Q&A with Jo & Foo

TNN 60: Pregnancy Supplements

Nikki Warren from Naturobest joins me again for this episode, talking all things pregnancy supplements! Therapeutic benefits of supplements, price points and quality are discussed, with the multitude of different brands out there, this is something to really keep in mind when shopping around. The main problem with pregnancy supplements is that the people who… Continue reading TNN 60: Pregnancy Supplements

TNN 54: Natural Approach To Female Hormones & Pregnancy

Featuring special guest Nikki Warren from Naturobest. On this episode, Mel chats to Nikki from Naturobest – a naturopathic-based prenatal supplement range that changes according to where the patient is in their trimesters. Nikki shares her struggles with PCOS and how she overcame this with natural medicine, why she started studying naturopathy and the process… Continue reading TNN 54: Natural Approach To Female Hormones & Pregnancy

TNN 48: All About Breastfeeding

This podcast is for Mothers-to-be and new Mums, all about my experiences with breastfeeding and advice on this topic from an expert! Michelle is my guest today, who is a representative from the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA). We discuss how Michelle got involved with the ABA and her experience with breastfeeding in isolation, simple tips… Continue reading TNN 48: All About Breastfeeding

TNN 46: The First Six Weeks With BABIES

Fellow naturopath Cheree Sheldon joins me on the show this week (as do our babies, Callie and Sage). We both have recently given birth and previously spoken about natural health in pre and post pregnancy. We wanted to follow up some of the previous podcasts (episode 36, 38, 41) and honestly speak about what has… Continue reading TNN 46: The First Six Weeks With BABIES

NTM 154: The Boob Angst

In this week’s episode, we dive into the raw and vulnerable feelings associated with the end of Julie’s breastfeeding journey. We talk through the feelings, the judgements, the guilt, the shame and the lack of control. Full of triggers and emerging insight we talk through what it is to breastfeed, when it’s no longer working,… Continue reading NTM 154: The Boob Angst