Show Notes

Fellow naturopath Cheree Sheldon joins me on the show this week (as do our babies, Callie and Sage).

We both have recently given birth and previously spoken about natural health in pre and post pregnancy. We wanted to follow up some of the previous podcasts (episode 36, 38, 41) and honestly speak about what has been happening with our babies and how we have been looking after ourselves.

Cheree speaks about mastitis and how she treated herself during this time, both of us talk about breastfeeding and what we went through with that, as well as sharing post-birth experiences.

Both of us talk about what is “normal” with excretion, feeding and baby functions when they’re in the early months of being born.

And of course, talk honestly about how we felt during this time!

We’d love to connect with you about your post-birth experiences, connect with us on Facebook – Mel at MG Herbs and Cheree Sheldon.