Show Notes

Dr Andrea Huddleston joins me on the podcast to talk all things SPERM and fertility. I have done many podcasts about women’s fertility and menstruation thus far, it’s about time we spoke about the penis-holding humans out there!

I was struck by this fact on Andrea’s podcast and decided we NEEDED to discuss this on the podcast – Did you know sperm counts have halved worldwide in the last forty years?! In Australia, male infertility is the number one cause of infertility. It’s time to get onboard!

On this episode, we talk ALL about men’s reproductive health. It’s essential, it’s necessary for fertility and it’s not talked about enough. So listen in fellas!

It’s easier for males to improve their reproductive health than women’s, and there is so many things that factor in. Diet, lifestyle, environment all come into play and we talk about how to start addressing these factors.

A MUST LISTEN – get your partners, parents, kids and put this on whilst you’re driving to get this message across to the males in your life.

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