Show Notes

Featuring special guest Nikki Warren from Naturobest.

On this episode, Mel chats to Nikki from Naturobest – a naturopathic-based prenatal supplement range that changes according to where the patient is in their trimesters.

Nikki shares her struggles with PCOS and how she overcame this with natural medicine, why she started studying naturopathy and the process in starting Naturobest.

Both Mel and Nikki treat many fertility issues within their clinics, and they discuss how herbs can help common issues like PCOS and period-related symptoms, what a “normal” cycle, how a woman can help themselves naturally with hormone related issues and so much more.

A MUST listen if you’re a woman that bleeds or if you’re wanting to understand more about female hormones and pregnancy.

Find Nikki’s hormone and pregnancy courses here.

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