Show Notes

Nikki Warren from Naturobest joins me again for this episode, talking all things pregnancy supplements!

Therapeutic benefits of supplements, price points and quality are discussed, with the multitude of different brands out there, this is something to really keep in mind when shopping around.

The main problem with pregnancy supplements is that the people who design them have little to no clinic experience, so always best to seek the advice of your medical professional or naturopath when looking for a product for you.

Mel and Nikki will arm you with the tools to be able to look more knowledgeably at potential supplements on the market.

Supplementing with the wrong type of products can actually be more harmful than not, so definitely tune in to find out more!

Nikki’s vision with her supplement range is to provide comprehensive, all in one formulas that provide high levels of nutrients in one formulation for convenience and to provide value for money.  We place quality as our highest priority and ingredients are well-researched and very carefully chosen.

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