SE 31: Climate Change

Greta Thunberg has been prolific on Social Media and traditional media spreading a message of Climate Change. Which side of the fence are YOU sitting on? Do you agree or disagree? There is an argument for both sides and today, our hosts Toby, Laura and Bridget dive deep into what Climate Change is, how we… Continue reading SE 31: Climate Change

SE 29: Cyberbullying Part 2

As part 2 of a 4 part series on Cyberbullying, our hosts interview the head of Education for Bully Zero, Katie Govic ( In this episode, we focus on the victim in the Cyberbullying equation. How to support someone being bullied, how to recognise if someone is being bullied and how to handle being cyberbullied… Continue reading SE 29: Cyberbullying Part 2

SE 28: Cyberbullying

The Speak Up and Engage Podcast started with the intention of educating the younger generations about health, vitality, wellness and the prevention of depression, suicide and anxiety and it makes so much sense that we bring a special focus to Cyberbullying as a part of this education process. As a four-part series backed by the… Continue reading SE 28: Cyberbullying

SE 17: Spotlight on Laura Pettigrew

We are so excited to welcome the incredibly talented Laura Pettigrew as the newest host to the Speak Up and Engage team. Both Toby and Bridget interview Laura to discover her amazing journey to the age of 21 and crack up laughing to one of Laura’s funniest and whackiest moments especially facilitating a ‘baby race’… Continue reading SE 17: Spotlight on Laura Pettigrew

SE 12: Self Expression and Communication

Do you speak your truth and stand up for yourself? Do you feel free to communicate with ease? Do swallow your thoughts and feelings or do you feel comfortable to let the world know you’re here? Toby drops the ‘truth bomb’ that there will always be a little part of ourselves that is trying to… Continue reading SE 12: Self Expression and Communication

SE 10: Bullying is NOT COOL!

Did you know that there are double the number of bullies to the number of victims? What the? Did you know that over a million people get bullied each year? What is the solution? Toby says we need to learn to manage our emotions, Erica speaks of both online and face to face bullying and… Continue reading SE 10: Bullying is NOT COOL!