TWIW 62: Meat avoidance linked to depression and anxiety

This Week In Wellness a study from Clinical Reviews in Food Science and Medicine has indicated that avoidance of meat in the diet may be linked to increased rates of anxiety and depression. This is not the first time that these links have been drawn and suggested reasons for the link include reduced omega-3 fatty… Continue reading TWIW 62: Meat avoidance linked to depression and anxiety

SE 31: Climate Change

Greta Thunberg has been prolific on Social Media and traditional media spreading a message of Climate Change. Which side of the fence are YOU sitting on? Do you agree or disagree? There is an argument for both sides and today, our hosts Toby, Laura and Bridget dive deep into what Climate Change is, how we… Continue reading SE 31: Climate Change

SE 22: Get Outside

What do you do to get outside and experience the gifts of nature? Have you ever heard of Biophilia Hypothesis? The hosts explore all the BIG topics with the BIG words!! LOL!! Biophilia is our natural and innate need to connect to nature in order to recharge, so strap yourself in as Bridget, Toby and… Continue reading SE 22: Get Outside

UC 304: Lessons From Africa

Cyndi has just arrived home from the Annual Up For A Chat hike and adventure from Namibia and Botswana. ¬†Carren and Kim have so many questions, about the highlights, but the conversation flows to what we learn when we travel and put ourselves in places that are foreign to western society. ¬†Cyndi has travelled through… Continue reading UC 304: Lessons From Africa

TPS 272: The Paleo Vet

This week Brett interviews Paleo Veterinarian Kelly Maher about the Paleo lifestyle, how the principles apply to animals and how she has incorporated the Paleo lifestyle into her family of 5. The conversation ranges from how and why she adopted a LCHF, then a Paleo diet to how to help dogs, cats and yes even… Continue reading TPS 272: The Paleo Vet

TWG 223: Vets All Natural with Dr Bruce Syme

This week The Wellness Guys talk about the health of our furry and feathered friends with holistic vet Dr Bruce Syme. It is amazing to see the similarities between the health of our domesticated animals and the health of domesticated man and Bruce shares with us the common lifestyle diseases that afflict our furry friends… Continue reading TWG 223: Vets All Natural with Dr Bruce Syme