SE 29: Cyberbullying Part 2

As part 2 of a 4 part series on Cyberbullying, our hosts interview the head of Education for Bully Zero, Katie Govic ( In this episode, we focus on the victim in the Cyberbullying equation. How to support someone being bullied, how to recognise if someone is being bullied and how to handle being cyberbullied… Continue reading SE 29: Cyberbullying Part 2

TWG 373: Polished Man

This week Brett and Damian are joined by Kylie Wallace from ygap to talk about tackling poverty and the Polished Man Campaign to help tackle violence against children. Kylie shares with us some astounding stats about sexual abuse and violence affecting kids both in Australia and around the world and explains the link between violence… Continue reading TWG 373: Polished Man