TWIW 112: The LAST EVER Wellness Summit

This Week In Wellness The Wellness Couch podcast network has announced that the LAST EVER Wellness Summit will be taking place online in less than a week. I am joined by my co-director Marcus Pearce as we discuss what a Wellness Summit is, talk a bit about the past Summit’s and most importantly what you… Continue reading TWIW 112: The LAST EVER Wellness Summit

SE 28: Cyberbullying

The Speak Up and Engage Podcast started with the intention of educating the younger generations about health, vitality, wellness and the prevention of depression, suicide and anxiety and it makes so much sense that we bring a special focus to Cyberbullying as a part of this education process. As a four-part series backed by the… Continue reading SE 28: Cyberbullying

TNN 64: Digital Wellness

Today’s episode features special guest Bryce Finck from Stack Health, all the way from the USA. Bryce is a tech health guy, a physiotherapist originally from Australia, whose aim with Stack Health is to provide people with access to health information and consultations completely online. The aim of Stack is to allow people to access… Continue reading TNN 64: Digital Wellness

AQJ 125: My Health Record – What’s It All About?

A few years ago, the Australian government introduced “My Health Record”, a nation-wide health database which Australians could choose to be a part of. Australians will now be automatically opted into this system unless they choose to opt out before November 15th, 2018. Some feel there are data security risks with having a centralised system… Continue reading AQJ 125: My Health Record – What’s It All About?