SE 28: Cyberbullying

The Speak Up and Engage Podcast started with the intention of educating the younger generations about health, vitality, wellness and the prevention of depression, suicide and anxiety and it makes so much sense that we bring a special focus to Cyberbullying as a part of this education process. As a four-part series backed by the… Continue reading SE 28: Cyberbullying

SE 15: Teenage Relationships

Wow, there are some awesome relationships that start when we are at school and there are also some of the most heartbreaking times as we explore our first loves and first encounters of adulthood. Today our podcasters explore if teenage relationships are a good thing or if they are a road to self-destruction? Do you… Continue reading SE 15: Teenage Relationships

SE 3: Spotlight on Toby Bogert

Toby Vanden Bogert is our amazingly mature 15 year old guy that has tackled his fair share of challenges in such a young life. In today’s show, we dive deep into Toby’s life experiences as he shares the difference that makes a difference when it comes to overcoming, busting through and coming out the other… Continue reading SE 3: Spotlight on Toby Bogert