TNN 96: Talking All Things Supplements With Nikki Warren

Special and regular guest Nikki Warren (creator of Naturobest) is on the podcast again this episode! We chat about the quality of supplements in Australia and regulation of these, MTHFR and the controversy in the western medical world about this, anxiety and methylation, dosage of folate and SO much more information about these topics. You’ll… Continue reading TNN 96: Talking All Things Supplements With Nikki Warren

TNN 91: With Dr Diana Driscoll

We are honoured to have Dr. Diana Driscoll on the podcast for this informative and interesting episode. Dr D is an internationally recognised researcher, inventor, speaker, author and patient advocate. An optometrist by education, she was disabled for over a decade with “invisible illnesses”. Now fully recovered, she is the recipient of two patents to… Continue reading TNN 91: With Dr Diana Driscoll

TNN 85: The Fan-C Approach With Dr Eckel

Dr Greg Eckel is our special guest today! Dr Eckel graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine with a doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine. He has recently released a book on Parkinson’s Disease called Shake it off: A FAN-C Approach to Parkinson’s Disease, which we chat a… Continue reading TNN 85: The Fan-C Approach With Dr Eckel

TNN 80: Primal Alternative

Featuring special guest Helen Marshall fellow podcaster, health coach and creator of Primal Alternative! Helen shares her story and struggles with her health and how this lead her to starting her own business, based on the principles of the paleo diet. We discuss Helen’s breakthrough when she changed her diet and how her symptoms disappeared… Continue reading TNN 80: Primal Alternative

TNN 74: Behind The Scenes With Tammy Guest

This episode features fellow naturopath and now natural health business mentor, Tammy Guest. We take a behind the scenes look at the back-end of running a healing business, this one is more for the practitioners but would be interesting for anyone to take a sneak peek into what it’s like for us! Tammy speaks about… Continue reading TNN 74: Behind The Scenes With Tammy Guest

TNN 71: Living With Cerebral Palsy

My husband Sam Larkings joins me on this episode to talk through living with Cerebral Palsy. Sam has lived with Cerebral Palsy since birth and has made it his mission to function well and thrive with this condition. Sam talks through what Cerebral Palsy is, how it presents and what it does to the body.… Continue reading TNN 71: Living With Cerebral Palsy

TNN 67: The Wholefood Family

Jane Jenkinson from The Wholefood Family ( joins Mel on this episode! Jane is a fermenting nerd as well, and runs amazing fermenting workshops in the Newcastle area and sells the beautiful beetroot kvass which you may have been lucky enough to try. Jane and Mel talk about how and why Jane got into fermenting,… Continue reading TNN 67: The Wholefood Family

TNN 64: Digital Wellness

Today’s episode features special guest Bryce Finck from Stack Health, all the way from the USA. Bryce is a tech health guy, a physiotherapist originally from Australia, whose aim with Stack Health is to provide people with access to health information and consultations completely online. The aim of Stack is to allow people to access… Continue reading TNN 64: Digital Wellness

TNN 62: The Wellness Women

Dr Andrea Huddleston and Dr Ashleigh Bond from Wellness Women Radio feature on the podcast today! We chat together, taking turns asking each other questions and getting to know each other and our podcasts better. Dr Andrea and Dr Ashleigh are holistic chiropractors and host the wonderful Wellness Women Radio, featured on The Wellness Couch.… Continue reading TNN 62: The Wellness Women

TNN 58: An Insight Into My Life

Candid solo chat with Mel on this episode, all about her inspiration for doing what she does, how she lives her life and the lessons she has learnt so far. This episode will get you up off the couch and taking steps towards living your best life! An interesting and insightful episode in which you… Continue reading TNN 58: An Insight Into My Life