TNN 80: Primal Alternative

Featuring special guest Helen Marshall fellow podcaster, health coach and creator of Primal Alternative! Helen shares her story and struggles with her health and how this lead her to starting her own business, based on the principles of the paleo diet. We discuss Helen’s breakthrough when she changed her diet and how her symptoms disappeared… Continue reading TNN 80: Primal Alternative

AQJ 139: Teaching Kids to Cook, with Dani Valent

Teaching kids to cook with real food is important for their future, and the future of our planet. Our children’s enjoyment of cooking begins with our attitude towards food and cooking, and often is dependant on mum or dad being organised so they have the time and headspace to include the kids in the meal… Continue reading AQJ 139: Teaching Kids to Cook, with Dani Valent

TNN 42: Food, Mood & More

On this episode, Mel chats to the lovely Lolly from The Bliss Bomb Project. Being an ex-chef, Lolly has experienced the journey of burnout that seems to be so common in the hospitality industry, going through anxiety and depression before stumbling upon a new career in natural health and is now studying as a naturopath.… Continue reading TNN 42: Food, Mood & More