TWIW 128: Is Glyphosate also linked to breast cancer?

This Week In Wellness in yet another potential blow to Bayer (the acquirer of Monsanto) and their controversial weed killer Glyphosate a pilot study published in the journal Environmental Pollution has suggested that it may cause a 4.5 fold increase in the risk of breast cancer.

TWIW 118: Bayer to phase out Glyphosate in the US

This Week In Wellness Bayer Monsanto have announced that they will no longer sell glyphosate-based herbicides to residential U.S. gardeners as of 2023, following costly lawsuits over the cancer causing weedkiller, under the label Roundup.

TWG 384: Eat LANCET part 2

Following on from last week and as promised this week Brett and Damian delve a little deeper into the science and funding behind the EAT Lancet diet. Having had an extra week to really get stuck in and research it the boys give their unfiltered opinions about both the recommendations and the way that they… Continue reading TWG 384: Eat LANCET part 2