SE 30: Cyberbullying Part 3

As part 3 of a 4 part series on Cyberbullying, our hosts interview the head of Education for Bully Zero, Katie Govic ( In this episode, we talk about the perspective of the bully. We discuss what it means to be a bully, how to take responsibility and how to support those that are doing… Continue reading SE 30: Cyberbullying Part 3

SE 22: Get Outside

What do you do to get outside and experience the gifts of nature? Have you ever heard of Biophilia Hypothesis? The hosts explore all the BIG topics with the BIG words!! LOL!! Biophilia is our natural and innate need to connect to nature in order to recharge, so strap yourself in as Bridget, Toby and… Continue reading SE 22: Get Outside

SE 19: To Gym or Not to Gym

There is so much hype these days about going to the gym to keep fit and healthy. What do you think about it all? Crossfit, F45, Snap, Fitness First, Jetts….. Is this a craze or is it something we should be paying attention to? Are you someone who likes to take advantage of the great… Continue reading SE 19: To Gym or Not to Gym

SE 3: Spotlight on Toby Bogert

Toby Vanden Bogert is our amazingly mature 15 year old guy that has tackled his fair share of challenges in such a young life. In today’s show, we dive deep into Toby’s life experiences as he shares the difference that makes a difference when it comes to overcoming, busting through and coming out the other… Continue reading SE 3: Spotlight on Toby Bogert