Show Notes

In this episode we discuss the Wrap, which has the summary of 16 podcasts that we achieved over the course of 2017.

BACKchat explores the 5 pillars of health. It refers to being your best in
o Thinking
o Moving
o Eating
o Sleeping and also in your
o Neurology

BACKchat Podcast 34 ,2017: Dr Kelly Holt – Brain Based fxn and Sensorimotor system on 18th Jan

BACKchat Podcast 35 ,2017: Dr Kelly Holt – Brain Based fxn and Falls Prevention on 8th Feb

BACKchat Podcast 36 ,2017: Dr Brandon Brock – Complete Natural integrative care of children on 1st March

BACKchat Podcast 37 ,2017: Mr Jason Harvey (Hand surgeon) Hand Injury – what to do and what not to do on 22nd March

BACKchat Podcast 38,2017:Gerry Clum – Rubicon, Chiropractic in Australia on 5th April

BACKchat Podcast 39,2017: Anthony Coxon – Anthony’s last BC podcast – Paul Interviewing Anthony of his take on BCs 5 pillars of health on 3rd May

• We wish to thank Anthony for his great work as co-host. Our first show was with Chiropractic Icon – Dr Paul Noone – on the 4th March 2015. In just over two years we have interviewed guests from all around Australia, USA and New Zealand.
• We have interviewed leaders in Chiropractic, surgeons, GPS and an intregative GP , Exercise Physiologist,Naturopaths ,Podoatrists, Psychologists and even a physiotherapist on a chiropractic –centric podcast . Also we have interviewed inspirational individuals – Lisa Cox, Chris Ennis, Rachel Lane, Mandy Mercuri, Wayne Schwass and Glenn Williams.

BACKchat Podcast 40,2017: Kim Fenton – Coming back from PND on 25th May

BACKchat Podcast 41,2017: Wayne Schwass Adolescent health and social media on 25th May

BACKchat Podcast 42,2017:Matt Hall – Sexuality and Sexual Health – Challenging the Stigma on 5th July

BACKchat Podcast 43,2017:Dr Bruce Lipton– Epigenetics, Brain and benhavior on 26th July

BACKchat Podcast 44,2017: Professor Miles Prince – Genomics, cancer management – what’s the future? on 16th August

BACKchat Podcast 45,2017: Dr Luke Nelson – How to safely progress from walking to jogging to running on 6th September

BACKchat Podcast 46,2017: Dr Luke Nelson Sports Injury Rehab and Prevention in runners on 27th September

BACKchat Podcast 47,2017: Dr Brandon Brock Paediatric NeuroDevelopment on 25th October

BACKchat Podcast 48,2017: Dr Brandon Brock Dysautonomia – a clinical conundrum on 8th November

BACKchat Podcast 49,2017: The learnings from the decorated career of AFL legend – Kouta – Anthony Koutoufides on 29th November

1. Kims – highlight podcast 2017
2. Kellys – highlight podcast 2017
3. Kelly news – Had to choose between Head of Research or BACKChat co host? Thus we are searching for a new Co host.

Thank you for listening to Backchat, in 2017.

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We leave you with one thought: “Be the best at what you do,
and you will grow and inspire others around you

We look forward to catching up with you on our next BACKchat podcast.