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Dr Brandon Brock – Paediatric Neurodevelopment

Episode 47
25, Oct, 2017
}42 Minutes

Show Notes

Dr. Brandon Brock resides in America and is a Chiropractor*, has a Doctorate in Nursing Practice, and a researcher who specializes in musculoskeletal, neurological, and regenerative medicine.  He holds diplomate status in nutrition, functional neurology, conventional medicine, and integrative medicine and is a Global Clinical Research Scholar from Harvard Medical School.  He has been named Neurology Instructor of the Year five times by various organizations, received the Living Legacy Award from Samford University, and was Duke University’s spotlight student.  He practices full time at several locations in Dallas, Texas, does research, and most of all loves educating healthcare providers with BTB Health Systems.

Q1 What does Paediatric neurodevelopment mean?

Q2 The prevalence of neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD  and Autism seem to be rising rapidly. Why do you think this is?

Q3 What effects is the digital age having on the brains of our child?

Q4 There is an inverse relationship between sedentary time and movement ? What is this doing to the brain?

Q5 What effects are our diets having on brain development in our children?

Q6 What can neurorehabilitation do to help with Paediatric Neurodevelopment?

Q7 Under 12 months, there are key Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Social and Language Neurodevelopmental Milestones. Can you summarise these?

Brandon is speaking in Australia in March 2018 for NeuroLogic Education.

Dysautonomia Paediatrics NeuroDevelopment
Sydney/March 3-5th  2018 Melbourne March 10-12th 2018 (Melb Labor Day weekend)
Rydges Central Sydney Ibis Hotel, Melbourne
Balancing the Autonomic Nervous system Enhancing the foundations – neurologic/metabolic- of a child

Both Paediatric and Dysautonomia courses will cover neurophysiology (understand the neuro circuitry as in relates to clinical practice), clinical testing from a functional neurology and medical, laboratory perspective along, with specialized tests and receptor based therapy to teach integrated care to cover each topic. Clinical management will be geared heavily on application, nutritional, immune dysfunction, metabolic support, testing, and case studies that will guide integrating functional neurology and nutrition. Practical break outs to workshop learnings with simple and effective tool-kits to bring into your practice.

Specific topics for the Paediatric Development and Behavioural and Learning Disorders seminar  include – Physical Examination for the newborn and infant, child and development milestones. Conditions include OCD, Tourette’s ,PANS,ADHD, Autism and Neuro-Immunity, Infection and Hyperkinetic movement, Dyslexia and Learning disabilities, Nutrition and immune conditions related to Paediatrics, Adjusting techniques and low cost application tools, diagnostic tests, laboratory and family support secrets.

Live patient presentation of approximately six cases  on Monday,per weekend –  with neurological work up and diagnostic testing with prescription of Neuro rehabilitation for these tough, complicated  cases.

Further information and registration details can be found at

Declaration – Paul Bergamo is part owner of NeuroLogic Education

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