Show Notes

Dr Christabelle Yeoh

Medical practitioner  since 1999 and now  specialising in the area of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine since 2006, with a special interest in nutrition and gut brain health.

Currently- in full time clinical practice, medical director of Next Practice GenBiome, an integrative practice in Edgecliff Sydney, where team based care of multiple modalities are integrated to bring optimised health outcomes. w:

Also currently- on Board of Directors and the chair of ACNEM Australasian college of nutritional and environmental medicine, the oldest and most established organisation bringing NEM education and awareness to doctors and health care practitioners.

Some questions asked on BACKchat podcast ….

What is the difference between your functional approach vs  a medical approach of looking at the body overall?

Are there more GPs looking at changing their practice to use nutrition and environmental medicine?

Determining the cause of chronic headaches and migraines can be like finding a needle in a haystack…whats your general approach in assessment of these cases?

What are the common physical and environmental factors associated with headaches?

What are the common biological and social factors associated with headaches?

Your practice has a team of different practitioners ….which ones do you use in the multi management of headaches?

What would you say to a practitioner or a patient who is struggling to resolve a headache problem?

At the NeuroLogic Education,seminar you are presenting a clinical case…what made you choose this case and how do you see your work fitting in with other presenters  at this seminar?

To find Christabelle,  you can look at her website to find out more about the clinic.Appointments can be booked online.  w:

 Dr Christabelle is a speaker at NeuroLogic Education next seminar event : Integrative Therapies for Headache and Migraine from 1stto 3rdMarch 2019 at CQU at 400 Kent St  Sydney with details at