Show Notes

Laser therapy is not a commonly used tool so will be interesting to listen to our expert on this topic, esp in relation to headaches.

Dr Roberta Chow is an honorary research associate of the Nerve Research Foundation, Brain and Mind Centre, the University of Sydney. She is also a clinician working in primary care-based pain management.  Her major area of research interest has been in the use of photobiomodulation for pain relief.  She was awarded a PhD from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney, for the of study laser therapy for neck pain and neural mechanisms underlying these effects. She was later awarded a National Health and Research Council grant to study the effects of laser on nerves. Dr Chow was on the Steering Committee for the development of the National Pain Strategy, designed to guide integrated and innovative planning for pain management across Australia.  She recently received a Government award for her contribution to medicine and the introduction of laser therapy for pain management.

  1. What is laser therapy?
  2. Whats the difference between low level laser therapy and more powerful laser alternatives?
  3. What does it have to offer compared with other treatments?
  4. How does it work for headache?
  5. Can it work with other therapies?
  6. Are there any reasons not to use laser therapy?
  7. Is laser therapy painful?
  8. How long do treatments take?

Dr Chow has used laser therapy for painful conditions including headache since 1988.  She is one of the most experienced practitioners as well as a researcher in the field of laser therapy and has book chapters and international publications on laser therapy for many painful conditions.

Dr Chow  has been invited by Neurologic Education to present at their Conference, ‘The Integrative Therapies for Headache and Migraine’ to be held in Sydney 1st– 3rdMarch 2019.