Show Notes

Three Beautiful, intelligent teenage girls from the local Sunshine Coast area join the Up For A Chat girls on a riveting conversation that was hard to find an end to.  The insight of these teenage girls on life, love, body image, family, food and lots more inspired Kim, Carren and Cyndi more then they could ever imagine.  The last question Kim asked each of the girls was their top 3 tips for other teenage girls.  The tips have been made into A Young Women’s Manifesto which we have shared with you below. Listen in to hear what this young generation really thinks.

Young Women’s Manifesto For Life

Be Yourself
Look After Yourself both mind and body
This is me love yourself for who I am
Don’t take shit
Stand up for yourself
Be indépendant
No matter what happens see it as a lesson
Have respect for your parents
Confidence – fake it till you make it
Be comfortable in your own skin
Instead of thinking the negative of an event and beating yourself up see the good and the purpose in the situation
Be Grateful
Don’t have a boyfriend just for the sake of it, war for the right one.