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Jamie Milne is a Guinness world record holder, success coach, endurance athlete, author philanthropist and director of A Successful Strength and Fitness.  He is also an ex-military man, personal trainer and now uses, hypnotherapy, NLP, timeline therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy in his arsenal to help people reach their best.

Kim and Cyndi don’t muck around on the line of questioning about the mind and body to Jamie Milne, it’s strengths and weaknesses and how we become the best that we can be contributing to society.  What’s the difference that makes the difference, it seems the mind always takes us that little bit further than the body can, but without the body we may not be able to go anywhere.

More about Jamie

The JMT brand is a multi-award winning Strength & Conditioning / Mental Performance Facility JMT on the Sunshine Coast & Agnes Water Queensland led by Jamie Milne

Jamie himself is a multi-Guinness World Record holder in a number of Endurance based events, an Author of 3 Books

Founder of Wairua Spirit, documentary and 10-year artefact exploring the intangible drivers of the human experience, and currently involved with a Channel 7 Based documentary on his latest World Record Campaign

A Polymath & Philanthropist raising over $150k for Dementia Australia in 12 years

A sought after Public speaker and Podcaster.

A Mizuno Australia sponsored athlete & Jamie has completed over 100 Ultra Marathons in excess of 100km

Ex ~ military (Navy ) and Jamie has completed the S.A.S Direct Entry selection course at the ripe old age of 37

A Dementia QLD and Memory Walk and jog Ambassador, with a close to 2 decades dedicated to the development of other human beings physical and mental attributes and performance.

Jamie was a qualified practising Personal Trainer In 2003 after serving 7.5 years in the Royal New Zealand Navy and transitioned to a Strength and Conditioning Coach in Cairns Australia 2004.

With an initial Business partnership in Auckland CBD in NZ with CrossFit Kia Kaha in 2012  a bricks and mortar company Jamie realised the CrossFit method on its own merits was not for him, so

JMT was founded in 2014 in Kuwait U.A.E.

Jamie was a sole contractor to the Kuwaiti Royal Family Ghada and Imad Al’saba

And after a 12 month contract completion he relocated to the Sunshine Coast and officially opened our first Jamie Milne Training facility / community n Warana in August 2015

Where to find Jamie Milne
Instagram @jamiemilnetraining
Facebook jamiemilnetraining
Pure Jamie Milne Podcast

The Quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thinking
To Thy own self be true
We get to decide how things can be, we can have heaven on earth or hell on earth
What’s the difference that makes the difference
Help them see how they do them
The real fountain of youth is your purpose

“Always a little further’

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