Show Notes

Adam Gibson began his professional life owning gyms in Melbourne.  From gym to coaching health practitioners to build their businesses.  He could see that society in general was not on a healthy trajectory. Over the pandemic Adam began a group called Parents With Questions alongside Charlie Arnott and Jon Farriss (INXS).  His frustration with trying to change things from a top level down wore him out so he decided to become proactive and create Family Farms a model that worked at a grass roots level. Family Farms is group of farms around Australia owned by the people creating organic and regeneratively grown food for the people.

Society is not on a good trajectory health wise.
The way to disrupt an orthodoxy is not by challenging it but by asking respectful, curious questions about it.
It’s not about being right but being curious.
Corporate motive is the agenda, it’s good for profit, it’s a great business model.
It’s deeper and more corrupt that what we even expected.
I ask myself what can we do that is creative rather than combative?
We are here to reconnect people with what is possible.
It is a co-creative process that takes a whole lot of awareness.
The harder they push the higher we rise.
Fight with love, consciousness and a belief in our future.
Seeing how people like Mandela, Ghandi and Schindler react in life in the face of violence inspires me.
Robert Kennedy is my current hero, he just keeps showing up.
In these times villains get exposed and hero’s get created.
A connection to nature, people understanding themselves and healthy nutrition is the foundation to stand on.
I’ll be the hero of my story.

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