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Dr Anthony Chaffee is an American medical doctor specializing in Neurosurgery who over a span of 20 years has researched the optimal nutritional habits for athletic performance and health. It is his assertion that most of the so-called chronic diseases we treat as doctors these days are actually caused by the food we eat, or don’t eat, and can in many cases be reversed easily with dietary changes.

He began his university education studying Molecular & Cellular Biology with a Minor in Chemistry at the University of Washington in Seattle at the age of 15, which culminated in attaining his MD from the Royal College of Surgeons.

Throughout his athletic career, he saw firsthand the monumental difference that diet makes to performance and recovery, and almost accidentally came across and practiced a fully carnivorous diet from age 20 to 25, having first learned of the toxic nature of plants during his university education. Since then he has rediscovered this truth and more and has dedicated many years and a large part of his professional practice to the study and education of diet and nutrition, and personally practices a fully carnivorous diet to this day, with amazing results.

He currently resides in Perth, Australia where he specializes in Neurosurgery and does private consultations and clinics in functional medicine and nutrition.

The Chatters had many questions about a carnivore diet and Dr Chaffee was able to graciously debate the two of them.  There is a lot to learn in this episode of Up For A Chat about the carnivore diet and the diet and food industry that is based on religion, propaganda and money rather than what is truly needed for health.

Where to find Dr Chaffee

instagram @anthonychaffeemd

Youtube – The Plant Free MD

Podcast – The Plant Free MD with Anthony Chaffee

Our ancestral diet avoided plants.
The dose makes the poison.
Humans are carnivores.
I don’t want to come from a confirmation bias or echo chamber.
Life is adaptable, humans are adaptable.
We are designed to live to 120 years.
We have decades more of a healthy life and we deserve that.
We are the home-sapien species and that species thrives on the carnivore diet.
Diseases of the west have come from foods from the west.
Eat more meat, fat and water.
There is a vested interest that profits greatly in us eating the wrong things and getting sick.

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