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Dr Scott is a passionate teacher in nutrition and chiropractic neurology as well as Sleep/Airway medicine.

Inspired to become a Chiropractor by his uncle, Scott studied Biochemistry and Physiology at Auckland University, and Chiropractic at the NZCA School of Chiropractic. He graduated in the first class, and has practiced in NZ, and Queensland. In addition to his Bachelor of science and his degree in Chiropractic, Scott also holds a Masters degree in Nutrition Medicine, and post Graduate qualifications in environmental medicine.

The Chatters talked to Scott about snoring and how can we fix this ever growing issue that has health consequences.  His surprising simple to do’s might mean the men in the chatters life get more sleep themselves.

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First Principles; How a small problem in early life creates havoc across time by Scott Wustenberg

A drive for survival guided me to look at retraining.
Chiropractic is a great starting point, it takes away stress on normal function and flow on nervous system.
Airway dysfunction causes sleep dysfunction.
The MTHFR gene affects ability of the body to utilise folate.
It all starts in pregnancy.
Health is a continuum what you have as a child will continue on into your adult life.
If you have fragmented sleep you cannot heal.
Snoring leads to health consequences.
Not sleeping well and snoring will become an inability to be dynamic at 90years of age.
It is so important to see that it’s a cost that needs to be paid as an investment.
Sleep fragmentation has a huge effect on cognitive function.
Deep sleep is where we repair the body.
Classic medical models are not providing answers for us.
Perhaps we have to learn a new twist on old things?
Chewing is much more than getting calories into you, it’s a neurological process.
Your brain is very expensive architecture, if you don’t use it you will lose it.
Hope allows the capacity for change.
Hope is the essential thing to pair with curiosity.
We can make a difference and keep moving forward.
Sleep, breathe, heal.

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