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It’s official, Kim and Cyndi have a new crush.  Dr Michelle Woolhouse’s interview was the most heart warming experience for our two chatters.  They talked about the medical model, how it needs to change one practitioner at a time, how 35% of Australian GP’s now call themselves integrative and that more and more were realizing the importance of wholistic health care and not reductionism.  Dr Woolhouse talks about what Evidence Based Medicine is, it is not just about the science but also the clinical judgement by the doctor and the patient values and preferences. The heart was a big topic, not just the physical but so much more.
Dr Michelles Bio

“It is not only until we explore the whole person, that true health can be found”.

Dr Michelle Woolhouse is a doctor, mind-body medicine expert, keynote speaker, Founding Medical Director of health tech start-up Vively, Podcast host and Author of The Wonder Within.

She is an expert in mind-body medicine and how by embracing the whole you can change your life, health and relationships. She educates widely in the areas of whole person health including mental health issues, such as anxiety, stress and burn-out, psycho-neuro-immunology and women’s hormones.

Dr Michelle has advanced post-graduate training in mind-body medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, nutritional and environmental medicine and holds fellowships with the Royal Australian College of GP’s (FRACGP), the Australasian society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) and Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (FACNEM).

I was young, I was wide eyed, and naïve as a young intern.
When we are in fear and panic we cannot look forward
I became fascinated that eastern medicine spoke of the heart as the core essence.
Healing is neve as easy as we hope it to be but it’s never as hard as we think it will be
I see it time again, people searching for answers to their mystery symptoms, bouncing from specialist to specialist. Finally, when a diagnosis comes, the person is left with more questions than answers
Hope is such a powerful part of the healing journey.
Western medicine has a heart that beats true.
Stay connected to my heart the heart of those I see.
The older I get the more curious I get.
When we are in a state of fear and panic we don’t have access to good judgement.
Being in the system I do see so many well-intentioned people.
Sometimes looking within gives a greater understanding of the connection.
Buddhism in medicine can be a powerful roadmap through tragedies.
The Wonder Within is a heart lead playbook for the anxious stressed and burnt out.
Be of the most service or help to yourself.
The heart communicates to the body through sensations, knowings and emotions.
The heart is the one organ fully formed and functioning in the embryo by 4 weeks at the size of a sultana.
We know that hostility and loneliness are huge risk factors for heart disease.
The heart has incredible depth, we have heart to heart talks, a brave heart, a kind heart.
We have become obsessed by science as the only metric but historically there is an acknowledgment of the human being and humanity as a whole.
It is vital to have a love of the human in medicine.
Evidence based science is simply the best evidence we have at the time.
We need to include the patient and their belief system and the clinician and their experience.
Indigenous wisdom is about holism, inclusivity and connection.
You have to have disruption and fear before a system can change.
Healing is never as easy as we hope it to be but it is never as hard as we think it to be.

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