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Description – The accolades of Dr Peter Bruckner when it comes to sports medicine is impressive, world cups and games, Olympics, Australian Teams in many disciplines, Liverpool Football club and so much more.  His success as a sports medicine doctor was clear but when it came to his own health he avoided what all the tests were saying about his health.  Until he had a conversation with a fellow sports medicine doctor – Dr Tim Noakes, turned his diet around and three months later turned his health and tests around.  His love of now food and sports has become all-encompassing and the miracles he sees with many sports people are awe inspiring.

Books by Dr Peter Bruckner
A Fat Lot of Good
The Diabetes Plan
Clinical Sports Medicine 16th Edition

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Defeat Diabetes

My first love is sport, I read it, I play it, I watch it and I run sports clubs.
I was metabolically unhealthy, I had a family history of diabetes, my father died at 60, I gained half a kilogram every year for 30 years, I had fatty liver, high triglycerides, high insulin but I avoided all the signs.
Be useful, have influence, make a difference, wake up and win every day.
It was very difficult to change the thinking of a low fat diet.
I couldn’t possibly have been on the wrong diet for 40 years but my OCD got the better of me.
In my 6 years of medical school there was not one single lecture on nutrition.
It will take a courageous government to change the health outcomes of a nation.

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