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Dr Maria Zuschmann, affectionately known as Dr M, is an Integrative Chiropractor, Speaker, Author, Podcaster and Stress Adaptation & Performance Coach.

Dr M has been in the Health, Wellness and Performance space for over 20 years. Spending her early years in private practice as a Chiropractor developing a very keen interest in helping her clients with their Stress Adaptation structurally and through Posture Correction along with wellness workshops.  The chatters enjoy learning all about stress adaption performance and designing a life.

How to find Dr M

It’s important to respect each other’s different opinions and know when to pick your battles
Unless someone asks for help, I don’t offer it
Simplify as much as possible in your world
I had somewhat of a spiritual awakening in connection to the Universe
I could be really sad, cross and bitter or double down on my self-care and get through this time
Relatively speaking I chose to get through that period of grief faster.
You can stay in it or ruminate in it, I take all steps to live my best life.
Millionaries pay no attention to astrology but billionaires do!
Everything will seem like it is out of order but trust it to work out.
If you’re not getting adjusted by a vitalistic chiropractor, you should!
I am not apologising for it anymore.
We’re always magnetising – whether it’s shit or good stuff.
Ask yourself… who do I want to be?
What we grieve when people leave is often their characteristics too.
We have a variety of people attracted into our lives to fill those gaps.
Illness can be a lack of integrating stress.
You can’t beat yourself up for what you don’t know.
We’re either designing our life or someone else is designing it for us.
You want to design for the best possible energy.
Remove any noise that is not making you feel good.
I have a no dickhead policy!
I will be who I want to be, it makes connections to others more powerful.
I just lean into all aspects of me.

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