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Gundi Rhoades is an author, vet, farmer, mother and nature lover.  She has written the revolutionary book The Food Solution.  Kim and Cyndi quiz her about how we can be part of the solution to look after health and planet health rather than being part of the problem.  We may only be 2 people but if everyone does the right thing by making sure we consume food grown in ecologically rich soils, nor sprayed with chemicals then collectively we can change the trajectory of human, animal and planet health.  Cyndi and Kim and such fun with Gundi, she is intelligent, funny, witty, serious and above all an inspiration.

Cowgirls dream of being a vet.
I was environmentally aware as a teenager.
People are grieving, lack of snow, normal weather patterns, they fear but don’t believe they can do anything.
We can feed the system that heals planet earth or feed the system that destroys it.
Roundup kills bacteria, fungi and plants, modern agriculture puts the chemistry back in the soil, but has no thought for ecology
Glyphosate destroys the ecology of the soil.
We need to eat for today to save tomorrow.
Eat local

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