Show Notes

Dr Ron Ehrlich is a veteran in the integrative and wholistic health space.  It was soon after graduation from Dentistry that he realized that the mouth was connected to the rest of the body and the mouth was the beginning of the gut and airways, this aha moment took him on the biggest education ride of his life and he has not stopped learning, 43 plus years later. He believes that the more he knows the more he doesn’t know.  He is innovative, unrelenting in his pursuit to help people and a visionary in his field and many other fields.   Kim and Cyndi learn about his journey and what he is doing now.  His love for humanity drives him to do more and he believes we need to start with the education of our corporates and teenagers.

As a dentist it is so easy to get lost in the mouth and forget there’s a whole person attached!
The more you learn the more you realise you don’t know.
If you have an open mind you find another piece of the puzzle.
In order to understand more you have to see it in a historical perspective.
Change has to come from the ground up.
My karma ran over your dogma.
Good health not only makes sense it makes money.
Breath and sleep are the foundation for good health.
Look for the meaning in life, fulfil your potential and be in good health.

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