Show Notes

If you listened to the podcast on the 20th June, 2017, you will know the Kim, Cyndi and Carren had a pretty OUT THERE conversation about the magic of Dr Joe Dispenza as Cyndi had just returned from his Progressive Course in Las Vegas!

As a follow on from last week’s show, we thought we’d share the interview that Carren did with Dr Joe back in 2015 and below you will see a brief outline of the conversation Carren had with him.

What treat to hear our Carren dive down the rabbit hole with one of the greatest minds of this planet right now!

Dr Joe Dispenza is not only one of my heroes, he is also one of the most dynamic, brilliant, powerful and educated men of our time and OMG what an honour to bring him to Carren’s Couch!!

In today’s interview I really wanted to know what Dr Joe knows about us humans that could change the way we live and when I asked the question….Boy! Did he give me an answer! Wow!

Feeling like I was in the company of pure genius, I took the liberty of exploring questions like “What is the meaning of life?” “How can we be more fulfilled in our experiences?” and “What does science know about reality that we are missing?” And…. These questions don’t even scrape the surface of today’s conversation so get ready to really explore the magic of being YOU in all of your glory!

If you’re interested in knowing more about Dr Joe Dispenza, his books, programs and events, just jump on over to his website at