Show Notes

She trekked Peru with us, she shared our laughs and our tears and she inspired us along the way as she embraced Cyndi’s nutrition course with passion, completed Carren’s Mindset Mastery and has gone on to become a member of Carren’s Inner Circle and today, she shares her journey of investigation and application!

Carren and Kim welcome the beautiful Linda Alston to the show this week to talk about the transition from meat to vegetarianism and all things ‘nutritarian’!!

Having been a vegetarian since 3 years old, Linda reveals the easy steps to explore this way of relating to food safely and with awareness of the body, it’s needs and how to pay attention to any whispers if things are right. Deeply grounded in and sharing Cyndi’s philosophy of whole foods Linda explores what it means to eat a rainbow and how to do it with ease! Enjoy!

PS – Get ready to be hungry after this show…. Linda is a chef extraordinaire and your taste-buds will be left tingling!!

To reach out to Linda and to enquire about her upcoming programs, send an email to Carren at and all contacts will be forwarded on.