TWIW 152: Antibiotic resistant meat in Australian supermarkets

This Week In Wellness a study conducted by World Animal Protection (formerly the World Society for The Protection of Animals) has shown that over half of all beef and over ⅓ of all salmon in Australian supermarkets harboured resistance to a range of antibiotics.

AQJ 140: Children’s Health, Eczema, Antibiotics, & Boosting Immunity

Jo has an extra special guest on the show today… Fouad is back! There’s lots of laughs and catching up, and sharing stories and news. We know you’ve missed their crazy banter, so grab a cuppa and enjoy the chat. Jo and Foo share their experiences of working through recent childhood illnesses and health issues… Continue reading AQJ 140: Children’s Health, Eczema, Antibiotics, & Boosting Immunity

TWG 327: Antibiotics Awareness Week

This week Damian and Brett interview a Doctor with a difference, Dr Cris Beer, about the dangers of over-use of antibiotics both in terms of their impact on the body and also the rise of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. Dr Cris shares a wealth of knowledge about the awareness needed in the use of antibiotics… Continue reading TWG 327: Antibiotics Awareness Week

AQJ21 : Jo & Leah Catchup

Jo and Leah are back on air together in this episode, and they have fun catching up, and chatting about what’s been happening the last few weeks. They discuss: – Leah’s feedback on the amazing MINDD Forum held recently in Sydney – Jo’s recent illness, and how a healthy diet doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll never… Continue reading AQJ21 : Jo & Leah Catchup