Show Notes

Jo has an extra special guest on the show today… Fouad is back! There’s lots of laughs and catching up, and sharing stories and news. We know you’ve missed their crazy banter, so grab a cuppa and enjoy the chat.

Jo and Foo share their experiences of working through recent childhood illnesses and health issues – eczema, chicken pox, colds and flus – and discuss natural ways you can help to boost your family’s immunity this winter. They also discuss the pros and cons of antibiotics and western medicine, the importance of working out the root cause of illnesses and dealing with that, looking into environmental triggers, the benefits of healing diets and herbal remedies, and how they blend natural and western medical practices in their own families.

If you’re interested in learning more about foods, herbs, spices and natural supplements that can powerfully boost your immune system (and your moods!), you’ll love this podcast!

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