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100NO 336: Longevity Wisdom Lives On A Patio In Ikaria

Episode 336
09, Sep, 2019
}28 Minutes

Show Notes

Yassou to you and welcome to 100 Not Out …

In this first part of a three-part series, we sit on the patio of Marika and her husband Jakovus …

We ask the 87 year old Marika many questions including …

How the rise in popularity of longevity has impacted longevity …

How the sense of community and socializing nourishes the people here …

The diet Marika and her family have lived on

The role of herbs to help heal the body

The Ikarian sense of humour

The Ikarian rituals around grieving

The role of women on the island – this section is wonderful given the climate of female empowerment and equality

The role of faith in longevity – in this case The Greek Orthodox religion and some personal superstitions Marika keeps …

And a whole lot more …

After each topic we’ll come back in and discuss in more detail what Marika has to say …

Our conversation with Marika is translated into English by our wonderful host here, Thea Parikos, and the questions come from our attendees here at 100 Not Out Longevity Experience.

To find out more about this trip and to apply for our 2020 Experience, head on over to 100notout.com

For now, let’s take you on to the patio of Marika and Jakivus in the small village of Nas on the island where people forget to die – the beautiful Greek Island of Ikaria … ENJOY!

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