Show Notes

Whilst most people are trying to put the brakes on ageing, todays’ guest embraces the ups and downs of it with joy and gratitude, using her social media presence to empower others to do the same.

The Middle Aged Goddess, also known as Jane McCann, having bore witness to loved ones’ premature end of life, understands what a gift and a privilege it is to age. 

Jane is not afraid to tackle the big topics including menopause, mental health and divorce and today’s conversation navigates them all. She has found a number of tools that work for her and encourages us to do the same. 

Join us for a refreshing conversation with Jane as she empowers us to change the narrative that is often presented around growing older. Meet it with joy, embrace the changes, keep learning and love yourself more.  

If you aren’t already following Jane, head over to Instagram @TheMiddleAgedGoddess.

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