Show Notes

Is Ageing Amazing? We certainly think so! 

In the media and around the water cooler, you’ll hear plenty of talk on the negativity of ageing. 

Do you disqualify yourself from ageing well or do you embrace it? 

Do you look at ageing well from a vanity perspective or from what you are still able to do?

It’s often said that we are living longer, but dying slower. Are you too busy to work on how you want to age? Too busy to move? Too busy to eat well? Too busy to embrace your community? Too busy to spend time doing what you love?  What is it that you are doing today to help you embrace the ethos that ageing is amazing? 

For many, the end is very long. Certainly not for Bill Stevens who, at 95 years young, is still teaching water aerobics at his local gym and inspiring many. You can catch his recent appearance on Nine News Melbourne here. You can also be re-inspired by our chat with Bill on episode 220 here.

Don’t buy into the lie that ageing isn’t amazing! Be amazing with us in Ikaria and Sardinia! We are in Ikaria August 22-31 and Sardinia September 1-10. If you would like to join us, don’t put it off any longer. Head to today for all the information. 

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