Show Notes

Boy oh boy did episode 568 break the internet!

We know that the media’s clickbait approach to health can be confusing, but what about when you see your health practitioner and you leave your appointment feeling confused and like you are just a number in the system?

A long term health aware listener left a recent appointment with an integrative GP feeling exactly that way with regards to recent blood results concerning her good and bad cholesterol particles.

Be prepared to have your mind blown as Damo helps us navigate cholesterol – how we absorb a fraction of cholesterol from what we eat, how our body makes cholesterol and how the liver manufactures cholesterol as a result of physical, emotional and mental stimulus and triggers that it receives from our nervous system.

You’ll walk away from this week’s episode stressing less about the steak, aka cholesterol bomb,  you had for last night’s dinner and focusing on adding in more happiness, laughter, fun, movement and sunshine so that we can manufacture our good cholesterol.

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