Show Notes

A question we are often asked is Are the Blue Zones Dead?

Settle in with a cuppa as we discuss whether, as the older people die, will we see the Blue Zones die with them? Or do we follow those that are now 80 and 90, with access to improved infrastructure and technology and see the impact that such things have on their own longevity?

Whether you think the Blue Zones are dead or alive, longevity remains as much about the top three things – purpose, engagement and movement as it is the avoidance of chronic disease.
Does the strong connection to rituals, land, family and food continue to hold those in the Blue Zones in good stead to continue on their longevity path and continuing to be our greatest teachers on what longevity is?

In this episode, we mention chronic diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s and the impact that these have on longevity stats. We recommend you revisit episode 42 of 100 Not Out and our conversation around Dementia and Alzheimer’s with Professor Michael Woodward. 

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Perhaps the missing piece of your longevity puzzle can be found by seeing how those in Ikaria and Sardinia live their day to day life. If you would like to join us in Ikaria from August 22-31 and Sardinia from September 1-10, and to find out more, head over to

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