Show Notes

There certainly has been a theme in our recent episodes over the rise of social media as a way to educate and influence our health choices!

A friend of the podcast, David Wolfe who featured in episode 6 of 100 Not Out, recently shared a reel on his instagram account which resulted in over 900 shares and 730 comments. 

This reel was not a ‘ how to boil a frog’ post but aimed at alarming the viewers that even when dead, animals feel pain too!

What type of impact are click bait reels having on people’s decisions when it comes to their own health? If you’ve watched the video, frog laksa might be off the menu at your place tonight!

Further to that, with the emergence of AI, how are we to determine what is true? Are we accepting information somewhat too easily, rather than doing our own research?  

Join us as we discuss if the rise of health advice on social media and AI generated articles could swing the needle back in favor of our once trusted face to face relationship with our trusted GP or allied health practitioners.


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