Show Notes

In a recent article, the oldest woman on the planet, María Branyas Morera, 115, said that the key to longevity is to stay away from toxic people. 

We know that the quality of relationships can have a large impact on the quality of our health but why do we often find ourselves in toxic situations, unable to step away? Do we get stuck because we can’t see a pathway out?

Regardless if the toxic relationship is with others, food, money, family; the biggest question we have to ask ourselves is, is what we are putting up with worthy of what we want in our lives?

This episode discusses toxic relationships at length and acknowledges that often people don’t have the support in their lives to help them exit such a relationship. If this episode has triggered you, please have the courage to care about yourself enough to find your way out of the toxic situation. Organizations such as Rize Up, dedicated to supporting the many families affected by domestic and family violence, are able to help up.  

In this episode we refer to a previous episode of 100 Not Out with Mario Martinez and his conversation around righteous anger. You can refer to episode 181 here.

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